Textile Museum is “must see” in Antigua

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Maya Field Workshops Report #3 –


Excellent demonstration of Maya backstrap textile weaving at Museo Casa del Tijido, managed by indigenous Maya in Antigua.


Expert weaver, Adelita gives a hug to Vicki who just bought an awesome bedspread textile along with pillows.


Armead “Chinky” Johnson asks the textile museum curator to explain the unique types of looms on display at the Museo Casa del Tijido.

El Fuego Volcano Blows Smoke Ring

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Maya Field Workshop – Report #2 


Nine miles to the west of Antigua, “Fuego” is famous for being almost constantly active at a low level. That’s Fuego on the left with an eruption in progress rising and Acatenango on the right.  This was shot from the rooftop garden of our hotel, El Meson de Antigua.

Maya Field Workshop begins in Antigua

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Report #1 – Vicki and I have arrived in Antigua, Guatemala at the beginning of our awesome journey to the iconic Maya sites of Copan, Honduras and Quirigua, Guatemala. Many of our Mayanists friends are here and enjoying the beauty of Antigua before trekking to Honduras. Ann Stuart and brother, David Stuart are here as our hosts for the Maya Field Workshops. I’ll be posting pix and video between now and March 20.


Susan Dutcher and Erica Raven greet us in Antigua’s Parque Central.


John and Vicki at La Fonda Restaurant for postre and espresso. Thanks to Susan Dutcher for the pix.

Opportunity for this December’s Maya Field Workshop

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Breaking: I understand there was a cancellation and one or two spaces may be available for the Yucatan December MFW. This is an awesome opportunity to learn about archaeology and hieroglyphs in the Puuc region of Yucatan, Mexico. For details see post below and visit theMaya Field Workshops, led byDr. David Stuart, this coming December 5 to 13.

Proud to host Ana Bixcul, Kaqchikel Maya, from Sololá, Guatemala

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Vicki and I were so proud to host Ana Bixcul last week at the Bears Inn. Ana is from Sololá, Guatemala and visiting “Starfish One by One” founders, Ted and Connie Ning. Their organization’s goal is to mentor and empower young indigenous Maya girls and women.

Ana, 18, is an excellent student and fluent in the Kaqchikel Mayan language as well as Spanish and English. She says she is hoping for positive change for her country. She has several speaking engagements while visiting the Denver/Evergreen area including the third-graders of Escuela de Guadalupe in Denver about her life on Lake Atitlán.

Guatemala has been in the news this week as a result of the resignation of the president, new elections and anti-corruption protests. We can all hope for the best as things sort out in Ana’s country.

Pictured are Ted Ning, Vicki Bock, Ana Bixcul, “Noodle” and John Daigle.

Peek at the Maya Puuc Region this December

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puuc2Update: As of today there are only 1 or 2 spots left for the Maya Field Workshops, led by Dr. David Stuart, this coming December 5 to 13. They will be visiting 9 sites in the Yucatan’s Puuc Region. The area is famous for its unique architectural designs and beautiful façades with intricate stone mosaics, and elaborate figurative sculpture. I’ve attended MFW workshops for the past three years and they are “chance of a lifetime” learning experiences for any Mayanist, academic or serious amateur. David’s sister, Ann Stuart does a great job at the logistics of travel, food and accommodations.

You will explore the latest exciting finds in the area that have pushed the origins of the Puuc region well back into the Pre-Classic period. And near the end of the journey you will visit the charming town of Mani, where Xiu dynasty ruled at the time of Spanish contact and where Diego de Landa infamously burned many hieroglyphic books. Among the sites on the itinerary:

  • puuc-cUxmal
  • Oxkintok
  • Loltun
  • Kabah
  • Sayil
  • Kiuic
  • Edzna
  • Xocnaceh
  • Mani

Learn more about the Puuc region from these two excellent articles. The first is by Meghan Rubenstein, a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Texas. I had the pleasure of meeting Meghan during the Palenque workshop in 2012. Meghan’s blog posts chronicle her dissertation fieldwork at the ancient Maya site of Kabah.

The second article is co-authored by Meghan as well as David Stuart on his Decipherment blog.
“The Reading of Two Dates from the Codz Pop at Kabah, Yucatan.” 

Peter Mathews: Maya-at-the-Playa “Roast” videos

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Peter Mathews

In September 2014, noted archaeologists, epigraphers and fellow Mayanists met in Florida for the 8th annual Maya at the Playa conference.Highlighting the conference was a celebration of the achievements of Dr. Peter Mathews who has participated is countless breakthroughs in Maya decipherment. In keeping with Peter’s legendary sense of humor, an evening was set aside for a comic Roast.There are 8 video clips, starting with an introduction by emcee, Dr. Phil Wanyerka followed by David Schele, Stan Guenter, Marc Zender, Armando Anaya, John Justeson, Justin Kerr, and finishing up with Ed Wilson and Peter Mathews himself.

Find more info at the main site of Maya at the Playa Conference. Congratulations and thanks to conference organizer, C. Mathew (Mat) Saunders of Davidson Day School – AFAR Director

Viewing Tip: Click the YouTube “Full Screen” icon YouTubeFullScreen

Phil Wanyerka
Video #1 Phil Wanyerka introduces Peter (23 min)
David Schele
Video #2 David Schele (4:21 min)
Stanley Guenter
Video #3 Stan Guenter (10:15 min)
Marc Zender
Video #4 Marc Zender (5:43 min)
Armando Anaya
Video #5 Armando Anaya (5:50 min)
John Justeson
Video #6 John Justeson (3:56 min)
Justin Kerr
Video #7 Justin Kerr (1:22 min)
Peter Mathews & Ed Wilson
Video # 8 Ed Wilson and
random closing shots of attendees (3:34 min)

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