I just returned from Copan, Honduras and a great Maya Field Workshop conducted by Dr. David Stuart. David will be the keynote speaker of the 5th Annual Witte Museum in San Antonio on April 12, 2016 according to Witte President Marise McDermott.

The event marks Dr. Stuart’s first appearance at the Witte, during which he intends to share his insights about the translation and interpretation of Mayan hieroglyphic writing. The event takes place in the museum’s new Mays Family Center for exhibitions and special events and builds further excitement for the premiere of the center’s first exhibition: Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.

Dr. Stuart, who is now a professor of Mesoamerican Art at the University of Texas at Austin, began deciphering Mayan hieroglyphs at the age of 10, and delivered his first scholarly paper on Mayan glyphs at the age of 12. At age 18, Stuart became the youngest person to ever receive a MacArthur Fellowship, popularly known as the “Genius Award,” to further his groundbreaking studies into cracking the Maya code.


For tickets, visit www.wittemuseum.org/MayaSA