Vicki and I were so proud to host Ana Bixcul last week at the Bears Inn. Ana is from Sololá, Guatemala and visiting “Starfish One by One” founders, Ted and Connie Ning. Their organization’s goal is to mentor and empower young indigenous Maya girls and women.

Ana, 18, is an excellent student and fluent in the Kaqchikel Mayan language as well as Spanish and English. She says she is hoping for positive change for her country. She has several speaking engagements while visiting the Denver/Evergreen area including the third-graders of Escuela de Guadalupe in Denver about her life on Lake Atitlán.

Guatemala has been in the news this week as a result of the resignation of the president, new elections and anti-corruption protests. We can all hope for the best as things sort out in Ana’s country.

Pictured are Ted Ning, Vicki Bock, Ana Bixcul, “Noodle” and John Daigle.