Mayas for Ancient Mayan: Dr. Bruce Love interview

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At the recent Maya at the Playa Conference, I sat down with Bruce Love, president and field coordinator for Mayas for Ancient Mayan. Bruce received his Ph.D in in Anthropology from UCLA and has 40 years of field experience among the Maya of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. MAM is a tax-deductible charitable organization dedicated to bringing the glyphs and ancient calendar back to the Maya people. MAM has had some exciting successes and has ambitious plans for the future as Bruce explains.

Peter Mathews: Maya-at-the-Playa “Roast” videos

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Peter Mathews

In September 2014, noted archaeologists, epigraphers and fellow Mayanists met in Florida for the 8th annual Maya at the Playa conference.Highlighting the conference was a celebration of the achievements of Dr. Peter Mathews who has participated is countless breakthroughs in Maya decipherment. In keeping with Peter’s legendary sense of humor, an evening was set aside for a comic Roast.There are 8 video clips, starting with an introduction by emcee, Dr. Phil Wanyerka followed by David Schele, Stan Guenter, Marc Zender, Armando Anaya, John Justeson, Justin Kerr, and finishing up with Ed Wilson and Peter Mathews himself.

Find more info at the main site of Maya at the Playa Conference. Congratulations and thanks to conference organizer, C. Mathew (Mat) Saunders of Davidson Day School – AFAR Director

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Phil Wanyerka
Video #1 Phil Wanyerka introduces Peter (23 min)
David Schele
Video #2 David Schele (4:21 min)
Stanley Guenter
Video #3 Stan Guenter (10:15 min)
Marc Zender
Video #4 Marc Zender (5:43 min)
Armando Anaya
Video #5 Armando Anaya (5:50 min)
John Justeson
Video #6 John Justeson (3:56 min)
Justin Kerr
Video #7 Justin Kerr (1:22 min)
Peter Mathews & Ed Wilson
Video # 8 Ed Wilson and
random closing shots of attendees (3:34 min)

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