This video features the work of Alejandro Lazo Figueroa, Palenque’s Maya Glyph Carver. Back in 1986, I attended the ground-breaking Blood of Kings Maya Art exhibition in Ft. Worth Texas. The video also shows the Blood of Kings book by Mary Miller and the legendary Linda Schele, which was amply illustrated. I thought an incised conch shell was particularly stunning.

It depicts a smoking lord with a deer headdress and a serpent, ready to strike. I thought it would be interesting to have this image carved in limestone by a modern-day artist.

So, 20 years ago, I found Alejandro Lazo Figueroa at Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico. He was able to recreate the smoking lord in faithful detail on a limestone panel.

I returned in 2014 and found him still carving. This time he carved a set of glyphs representing part of the Palenque dynasty.