Thanks to Elaine Schele for this heads up on a Call for Papers for next year’s Mesoamerican Symposium in memory of epigrapher extraordinaire, Linda Schele. Like many others, I had the pleasure of knowing and learning from Linda for many years when I lived in Austin. I’ll have more comments on this in a later post.

PLEASE SHARE: The 2015 Mesoamerican Symposium will be held on April 10-11, 2015 at California State University, Los Angeles in homage to the late Linda Schele. Dr. Schele was an eminent Maya epigrapher, iconographer and a key figure in the decipherment of Maya Glyphs. She was also a professor extraordinaire who launched the academic careers of many of today’s great scholars. These academic children of Dr. Schele are now established experts in the fields of Maya, Olmec, Aztec, Teotihuacan and West Mexico Studies, among others. As such, the theme of the 2015 Symposium shall be In the Realm of the Vision Serpent – Decipherments and Discoveries in Mesoamerica. — with Manuel Aguilar, Julia Guernsey, Marc Zender, Linda Schele, David Freidel and David Schele at California State University, Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, one of the greatest insights into Linda’s work can be found in a video I made of David Stuart during a Maya Field Workshop in Palenque.

How Palenque’s Pakal got his name (2min 10 sec)

Archaeologist Alfonso Morales introduces Dr. David Stuart who describes how Linda Schele, Peter Matthews and Floyd Lounsbury deciphered the Palenque Dynasty glyphs at the first Mesa Redonda in 1973. This eventually led to the name of K’inich Janaab’ Pakal, Palenque’s most revered king whose tomb lies in the Temple of Inscriptions.