Dr. George Stuart, 79, passed away this week and left and empty space in the hearts of thousands of “mayanists” around the world. I treasure my visit with George and his wife Melinda and daughter Ann at his beautiful home in Barnardsville, North Carolina. Like so many folks, I was introduced to the Maya world by George’s early work for National Geographic. His 40-year career there as a cartographer and archaeologist provided some of Nat Geo’s most noted “finds” and articles.

I will be publishing video and photos I made in Yucatan of some of George’s interesting exploits. Meanwhile, here is a “best of” list of videos of lectures and interviews which are perfect examples of his humor and his amazing ability to explain the sometimes cryptic world of the ancient Maya.

An appreciation of George Stuart on National Geographic’s website.

“Must see” – PBS Nova’s Cracking the Maya Code

National Geographic lecture by George and David Stuart

National Geographic’s Interviews of David and George Stuart

Article announcing David Stuart among “Seven Great Innovators in Archaeology”

Maya Purification Rites in Balankanche Cave

This was posted by his son, David Stuart. “Friends have asked about memorial contributions in memory of my dad, George Stuart. Our family would be honored to have donations made to the Boundary End Archaeology Research Center (formerly the Center for Maya Research) which he founded a number of years ago. His passion was to publish and disseminate information about ancient America, and we have big plans to keep it all going in new and exciting ways. Please check out the link below (and thanks Joel Skidmore!).”

Boundary End Archaeology Research Center